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To satisfy your needs for building and remodeling, we specialize in providing outstanding sidewalk shed rental services. Our business recognizes the need for safety that is why we offer sturdy, dependable sidewalk sheds that protect nearby properties and pedestrians during construction. 

We work tirelessly to construct strong, reliable sidewalk sheds that offer protection for visitors and neighbouring properties. We pay close attention to detail and promise for quality. Our primary concerns are your safety and satisfaction, and we take pleasure in being a reliable partner for all of your sidewalk shed needs.

Discover specialized scaffolding options to fit your construction tasks. Our staff provides trustworthy scaffolding services that are tailored to your region’s particular requirements. With the help of our tailored scaffolding solutions, work may be done more safely and effectively.

In addition to being a legal necessity, scaffolding inspection services are essential to the on-site safety procedures that protect employees who must operate at heights. These structures can become risks and cause potentially serious accidents and injuries if they are not properly installed, maintained, and inspected.

Rental services for construction hoists offer a practical way to move people and supplies vertically on building sites. When working on projects that include multi-story buildings or structures, temporary elevator systems are crucial. Organizations can avoid the costly upfront expenditures of equipment purchases, maintenance, and storage by renting construction hoists.

Rental of structural shoring is the temporary construction of supporting structures to strengthen or stabilize a structure or building during development, renovation, or repair. These shoring solutions are essential to maintain the building’s structural integrity, safeguard surrounding properties, and assure worker safety.

Rigging services are the specialized job of assembling and maintaining the machinery utilized in a variety of sectors, including maritime operations, the entertainment industry, and construction. These services entail the meticulous assembling, setting up, and fastening of large machinery, tools, and structures to guarantee their stability, safety, and effective functioning.

Temporary site fencing, when correctly installed, is intended to offer security and protection. Only level ground or terrain with a mild slope is acceptable for the installation of the fence panels; a high inclination is not safe. A minimum of two persons with physical capabilities must install the temporary site fencing.

Jersey barriers, often referred to as Jersey barriers or K-rails, are concrete barriers that are primarily used for traffic control and road construction. These barriers, which were given their name after the New Jersey state where they were initially used, are commonplace on roads, building sites, and metropolitan areas.

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More than 16 years of experience

We are aware that building involves more than just putting up walls, it also entails designing spaces that will endure and improve people’s lives. To execute projects that exceed expectations, our staff of seasoned professionals which includes engineers, architects, and project managers collaborates effortlessly. Here we contribute our experience to every project, whether it is in the commercial, industrial, or residential building sectors.

Our company stand out because of our unwavering commitment to excellence. We place a high value on craftsmanship that endures the test of time, from rigorous planning to precise execution.

A well-known provider of construction solutions with a focus on high-quality scaffolding and sidewalk shelters is Great Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding. They provide temporary buildings that guarantee the safety of workers and pedestrians during construction or remodeling projects with an emphasis on efficiency and safety.

CEO: Adam Ahmed

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Our recent projects includes: Sidewalk Shed Services for Manhattan College and Sidewalk Shed + Scaffolding Services for The Queens Center Mall.

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Our company place a high value on open dialogue and teamwork throughout the entire process to make sure your vision will be achieved with rigorous attention to detail. We take pleasure in our ability to fulfil deadlines, surpass expectations, and offer inventive methods for even the most complicated construction challenges.

For your specialized construction, restoration, and refurbishment projects, our engineers, professional workers, and staff can design, supervise, and organize scaffolding, sidewalk sheds, and sidewalk bridges. Contact us to get a free estimate.

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Adrian McCarter
We hired them for our one of the flipping properties & they did a very great job. Their team is completely professional & get the job done within the timeframe quoted. Highly recommended.
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