Sidewalk sheds are makeshift structures placed over pedestrian paths or sidewalks to shield them from flying debris from surrounding construction sites. In addition to shielding pedestrians from construction debris above the walkways, these temporary buildings maintain pedestrian flow on the sidewalks.

New Yorkers rely heavily on sidewalks for mobility, and they are constantly busy with foot traffic. Therefore, pedestrian safety is in danger during any type of construction activity, such as roof or façade restoration. Pedestrians have suffered serious injuries on numerous previous occasions as a result of falling debris from surrounding building sites.

A simple and efficient method of reducing all these concerns is to install sidewalk sheds. Further, DOB NYC has mandated certain constructions.

Factors Affecting Sidewalk Shed Costs

The cost of sidewalk sheds varies depending on various factors some of which include

1.    Size

The total area that needs to be covered with a sidewalk shed affects the total cost. The longer the sidewalks the more area needs to be covered increasing the total labor, material, and installation cost.

2.    Duration of Use

The total duration for which the sidewalk is required is a major factor affecting its rental cost. The rental cost increases naturally for longer duration projects.

3.    Materials

The shed rental prices differ based on their materials. For instance, wooden sidewalk sheds cost lower as compared to metal sidewalk sheds. Similarly, basic sheds will be more affordable than elaborated canopies and enclosed spaces.

4.    Complexity of Installation

The complexity of installation also influences the rental cost significantly. For example, heavy-duty sheds are required near construction sites where material is also stored in sheds. These sheds feature a robust base and involve complexities in the installation process. Similarly, if the sidewalks feature an irregular shape, like awnings or displays, a custom shed is required which costs more than a regular one.

5.    Location

Location plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of a sidewalk shed. Distant locations mean higher transportation costs that add up to the total rental package. Furthermore, permit charges also vary depending on the location.

6.    Additional Features

You can also customize your sidewalks with additional features like lighting, enclosed canopies, or signage. But these additional features will have separate prices apart from the basic rental prices.

Tips for Getting Accurate Quotes

Sidewalk sheds are heavy structures and their improper assembly can lead to collapse. The best way to prevent such scenarios is to contact a licensed contractor with years of experience in shed installation. Professional contractors have the engineering knowledge to calculate weight loads and choose the right materials to guarantee stability.

Besides, a professional contractor will give you a precise quote for your project including all the additional add-ons. They have a good knowledge of the permitting process and can handle all the paper work for you. They prepare their quotes by keeping the unique requirements of your project under consideration. Preventing all possible risks and saving you from legal troubles.


Sidewalk sheds are a mandatory requirement for construction in cities like New York. They enhance the safety of pedestrians and protect the owner from any legal trouble.

However, the most important part of the whole process is to hire a licensed and professional contractor. A professional contractor comes with years of experience under his belt and provides you with an accurate quote for your project. Saving you from all sorts of hidden payments and extra charges.

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